14 comments on “Dopamine Set v2.5 is here

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  2. I used just a few styles from this dopamine set v 2.5 in my new pa4x ,, because i missed there some traditional a country styles .. and it works good, really serios .. fine .. .. thanks …

  3. Hi friends:
    Last friday I’ve installed under OS 1.10, and i confirm, works perfectly.-
    New improvements are fantastic, specially new pads and some new styles.-
    Great job. I said: everyone must install this new version.-
    With regards. Eduardo

  4. Hi friends:
    I’ve download new 2.5 version, but not installed till now.- My question: can i install it under OS 1.10 resources 1.0 ? As there where serios troubles with 1.20, i don’t install it.- OS 1.10 works really fine for me.- Hoping you can clear this theme, with regards. Eduardo.

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