4 comments on “Something new for everyone

  1. Como siempre korg abandona a sus usuarios .korg pa4x se acabo ,,nada mas.
    tantos euros invertidos ,y luego te abandonan .
    igual que con el korg oasys 6000eur,y nos abandonaron

  2. Hi, thanks a lot of compiling such a useful list of styles for my Korg Pa instrument.

    I have downloaded a style for KORG PA4X, can you help me convert it for PA600? Please let me know your email id so that I can send you the style. Thanks!

  3. hello .. I’m really disappointed to see that KORG No longer has given any update for the Pa3xLe model leaving out a single firm from its release and no other upgrade …. I was hoping at least a sort of compatibility with the files of the pa700 / 1000

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