Here you can find free contents to download for your Korg arranger.

PaStitch – 32 sounds – v1.2:!uUwjzZDY!uknBekkh4U-c-xVfqKqGX99XKFw8j3eYaRvSYHHfU9Q


Dopamine Set v2.6:!eAoT0ABR!4mw4Y1J7OUTy0TuD93KvjjXCMVG9wbmyt-t_riDWDcA

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21 comments on “Downloads

  1. Update the third on the PA700. I have loaded with the factory protect of and thus overwritten everything because there is a factory restore. All works with the set but the locations chosen by the Dopamine set overwrite all the factory styles etc. These are very different on the PA700 and it would be a shame to not use them because the new styles are very good. So i have restored again and i will load the styles separately. It seems that with protection on i can only load 12 extra style banks. Anyways the PA700 is soooo fast in loading that i can experiment a bit and see what styles i like so can copy those to empty locations and build a new set … The style sets in the PA700 have 6 pages each and the Dopamine set has 5 pages per set so i could load 12 x 40 = 480 styles but i can move 72 more to the empty pages in the user section. If i unprotect the factory sets i can load 200 more empty slots so 372 factory + (12 x 8 x 6) + 200 = room for 1148 Styles. That’s great.

  2. Further testing reveals that the dynamics are depending on the style. Some are just great like the Nah Neh Nah sounds just like the hit. Guitars on the PA700 have improved so much over the last years. Great stuf !

  3. Just wanted to let you know. I took a chance. I have loaded the styles in the PA700 and they seem to work. I’m not ready to overwrite the factory resources as the new styles really sound amazing and some of the old ones from the set (i just tried a few) sound a bit stale and flimsy. I only loaded styles and pads but it does work so there is a future for this set and with a bit of work maybe they can sound as dynamic as the new ones. The most exciting part is that the Kaoss effects work on them too so most of these styles instantly get 64 more variations and endings. That blows possibilities out of proportion. I had a blast with this machine and the set so far. Thanks for making this availabe !

  4. Pour le PA 300, si je supprime plusieurs sons marqués avec “*” devant dans les banks “User Xé”, et que jk’installe le set Dopamine 2.6, ca va bien me mettre tous les samples sons à la place des sons supprimés? Mais comment supprimer un son d’un bank User X directeement sur le PA 300? On ne peut qu’écraser par autre chose, or comme la mémoire du PA 300 est plus limitée que pour le PA 600, vais-je forcément me retrouver avec moins de sons/styles du set Dopamine?


  5. Oui, ca fonctionne aussi pour le PA300 meme s’il y a moins de possibilités pour stocker des nouveaux samples donc quelques sons seront manquants. A vous de modifier en conséquence quelques styles (ceux avec * dans le titre) pour leur réattribuer des instruments avec samples d’usine.

  6. I have successfully downloaded the files, but don’t know how to remove the Key? Extension? I think I may need step by step instruction. Thank you, Tony

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